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Favourite Links



Favourite Links

Here are some of my favourite websites. I have also included those (that I know of) that have linked to me. If you have linked to me, please let me know, so I can add you to this list.


Bene Diction Blogs On
Popular Canadian blogger (who started on this website).
Better Living
Blog from Lutheran pastor and writer Mark Daniels.
Blithering Idiot
William Sulik comments on religion, the world and football.
bloggedy blog
Personal blog of Christian writer Andrew Careaga.
Fabulous portal site for Christian blogs.
By Farther Steps
Musings of Tim Etherington.
Catholic & Enjoying It
Highly popular blog from writer Mark Shea.
Thought-provoking reflections on the Christian journey.

Christianity Today
The magazine has its own blog.
Confessions & Meditations of an Honest Christian
"I'm not saying others are not honest..."
A personal favourite from Richard Hall, a Methodist minister in Wales.

Country Keepers
Christian resources and comment from Gary Petersen.
Cranky Professor
Entertaining rants from Professor Michael Tinkler.
Highly attractive online faith journal from Rachel Cunliffe in New Zealand.
David Peebles Williamson
"The shambolic postings of an Irish journalist living in Wales."

Dispatches from Outland
Roy Jacobsen comments on faith and the world.
Dogfight at Bankstown
Living on the down side of Down Under.

e-church com.munity
Tim Bednar's ambitious site aimed at creating Christian com.munity.
Elemental Truths
Educational resources for teachers, home schoolers and other educators.
The emerging church in a post-modern world.
Esler Fried
Ted Esler on global Christianity and mission.
Personal blog of Christian writer Katy Raymond.
Fidler on the Roof
Julie Anne Fidler's always-interesting blog.

Happy Husband
Celebrating marriage in a hostile world.

Heal Your Church
Dean Peters teaches, rebukes, corrects and trains you to manage your church website.
He Lives
Reformed theology from the point of view of a nuclear physicist.
Holy Weblog
One of the early Christian blogs. Inspiration for many subsequent Christian bloggers.
Honoring God
New blog from "MRZWOG".
Dave King blogs from Canada.
Always-interesting blog from a Malaysian journalist.

Professor Glenn Reynolds, another of the blogger kings.
Jordon Cooper
News and resources from the emerging church.
Joyful Christian
Jeffrey Collins on faith, politics and society.
JunkYard Blog
Punchy political blog, with some religion.
Feisty blog from soldier/journalist Kate Robinson.
Former US Marine, father of eight and Baptist pastor Kevin Pierpont reflects on life.
Living Room
Emerging church blog from my city Melbourne.
Looking Back...Looking Forward
The musings of Richard Bott, a United Church of Canada minister.
Man Enough
"What does it mean to be a Christian man in America?"
Mark Byron
Commentary on politics, economics, theology, sports and more.
McConchie on Bioethics
Superior blog from Daniel McConchie, Director of Public Relations and Public Policy at the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity.

Midwest Conservative Journal
Christopher Johnson's popular commentary.
Military Christians Worldwide
Blog for military Christians and interested civilians.
Moving Godward
A lovely, loving personal blog from "a certifiable goofball for God".
Music reviewer and arranger David Bruce Murray puts an emphasis on Southern Gospel music.
"My weblog on the Bible, growing in Christ and persevering in the faith."
My Heart Waits
Blog from writer and worship leader B.J. Sanders in Missouri.
Notes in the Key of Life
"One woman's random thoughts on the journey."

One Hand Clapping
Straight talk from a former army major, now a Methodist pastor.

Innovative blog from the members of Sydney's Toongabbie Anglican Church.
Plunder the Goods
The spiritual warfare of evangelism, from an American naval officer.
A Quiet Call to Christians
David Seargent calls Christians into a relationship.
Radical Congruency
Emerging church blog from Justin Baeder in Seattle.

Riehl World
Fun Christian blog from Kati Riehl.
Relapsed Catholic
One of the first Christian blogs.
Revelations on the Road
"A running journal of visions, concepts, ideas or just 'Revelations' God has given me over the past nine years."
Blog from an Aussie grandmother.
Such Small Hands
Politics, pop culture, parenting and the Christian walk.

Threshing Floor
James Cordrey's reflections on religion and life.
Through the Gates
Dorinda Gates uses her blog to keep in touch with mission supporters and prayer warriors.
Tidbits and Treasures
Barbara in Alabama writes about what appeals to her.
Tim Blair
Superior Aussie blog.
Turkey Blog
"One small voice in the proud tradition of free blogging."
Politics, theology, faith, history and more.
Random musings from Steve Dennie.

Other Sites

Ark Parenting
A useful collection of links on Christian parenting.
Three commercial-free praise and worship radio stations.

How to live as a Christian in a secular world.
Caveman Studio Artwork
Lovely Christian art and calligraphy in Assyrian, the language of Jesus.
Change Your Life
French site offering free downloads of spiritual books.

Chosun Journal
Informing, provoking and mobilising consciences for the sake of human rights in North Korea. See also my commentary.
Christian Monitor
Excellent site that monitors the persecuted church. See also my commentary.
CL Productions
Beautiful Christian music from the French Antilles.

Deeper Devotion
Excellent site aimed at helping students deepen their relationship with God.
Tools for navigating theology, leadership, discipleship and church life in post-modernity.
Frank's Mission
Frank tells about his conversion from German porn star to Christian.

George Lazenby Commentary
Melbourne Baptist pastor Dr George Lazenby, as powerful as ever in his nineties.
Jews for Jesus
Aussie website of this international organisation. Includes an archive of streaming audio sermons by local leader Bob Mendelsohn.

John Mark Ministries
One of the best - and also one of the biggest - Christian websites. See also my commentary.
Life with Christ
A free Christian weblog provider.
Mike Lawrence Productions
Website of illusionist Mike Lawrence, who has a show that uses magical effects to share the Gospel message.
Newspaper Information
Christian journalist Jim Sutton teaches you how to start your own newspaper.
Unique site that connects people in urgent need with others who can help.
Order of Centurions
An association of Christians taking inspiration from the centurions of the Bible and early Christianity. See my commentary.
Rabbi Harold Vallins
What an amazing journey! Read my article.
A massive trove of online resources for the seeking spirit.

Stand Today
Taking a stand with refugees and persecuted Christians worldwide.

It's not just what he says, but also the way he says it, that makes Mark Steyn one of the most compelling journalists around.
Urban Seed
Faith in action, from Melbourne's Collins Street Baptist Church.

Superior Christian website from Edward Kim, who also edits the Chosun Journal (above).


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