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NZ Singer’s Dream – to Join a Southern Gospel Group in the US

Dean Roberts has been blessed with a beautiful voice. He wants to use it to serve the Lord.
January 22nd, 2004


Gospel Lighters - Impassioned, Hellfire Preaching Mixed with Raw and Gutsy Music

Duane Smith's music ministry returns to the internet.
November 21st, 2003


Southern Gospel Music – What Kind of Future?

A provocative interview with Carl Ramsey of All Quartets Radio.
July 4th, 2003

Great Southern Gospel Music – “Land of Dreams” from The Brainards

Lori Brainard tells us how she writes her songs.
July 1st, 2003

Online Southern Gospel Music - All Quartets Radio

An interview with Carl Ramsey, the man behind some of the internet's best Southern Gospel music.
February 8th, 2003

Best Southern Gospel Music – Online Recommendations

My favourite Southern Gospel online radio stations.
January 26th, 2003

A Believer Sings the Truth – Belgian Beer and Johnny Cash

Did the music of Johnny Cash make me a Christian?
January 6th, 2003
Sons of Korah – Worship, Psalms and Lament

Do we lament enough when we worship? The Sons of Korah performance group teach us about true, biblical worship.

November 16th, 2002


Gaither Vocal Band – Bringing Southern Gospel to Sydney, While Avoiding All the Crocodiles

The Gaither Vocal Band crowd have returned home safely after Saturday night’s Sydney Opera House concert. Praise God that they avoided getting eaten by all the crocodiles.

November 5th, 2002

Bourbon and Rattlesnake – The Attractions of Southern Gospel Music

Why don't more Australians appreciate Southern Gospel?

September 24th, 2002




My Southern Gospel website is up and running.


Please check it out.

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