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Christians and War

Can Christians serve in the military with a clear conscience? Does God speak to soldiers today, directing their battles, as in Old Testament times? Is a war against Iraq a just war? In the face of genocide by a ruler against his own people, does the traditional Christian doctrine of just war have much validity?

These are all questions that fascinate me, and I seek out some answers in the following commentaries.

When Will President Bush Liberate North Korea?

Or should Christians have more faith in God?
January 8th, 2004


Order of Centurions – Reclaiming Ancient Christianity

Jesus wasn't just a lamb. He was also a lion.
December 4th, 2003

Don’t Confuse Me with Facts – I’m a Teacher

Teachers' unions launched an anti-war scare campaign. Why won't they admit they were wrong?
June 13th, 2003


Christians and War – Confronting Evil

Evil looked Christianity in the eye, and here in Australia the church blinked.

April 14th, 2003

Random War Notes

Hitch-hike monkeys, uncommon commonsense and more.
April 4th, 2003


Six of the Best – Popular Christian Blogs Cover the War
How are Christian bloggers writing about the war? With honour.
April 1st, 2003

A Plea to All Christians – Do Not Forget the Assyrians

Will a free Iraq really mean a free Assyria?
March 28th, 2003


Blogging up a (Christian) Storm – Donald Sensing’s One Hand Clapping

A Christian/war blog that's required reading.
March 25th, 2003

Gulf War II – Exposing the Hypocrisy

Why are our church leaders so selective in which wars they oppose?
March 22nd, 2003

Repent, President Bush, and Then Start Fighting

America should humbly repent for past actions in the Mideast, before starting a war.
February 17th, 2003

False Witness – An Excellent Christian Newspaper Suddenly Says NO to War

Does following Jesus really mean saying NO to all war?
February 10th, 2003

Just War, or Just Do It

Former UN Chief Weapons Inspector, Australia’s Richard Butler, cuts to the chase in his assessment of the Blix report.

January 29th, 2003

Why Aren’t Christians Passionate About What’s Happening to the Assyrians?

Few Christians seem to know about the continued persecution of the Assyrians.
January 17th, 2003

War in Iraq – the East Timor Connection

We helped the East Timorese gain liberation. Why shouldn't we help the Iraqis?
January 14th, 2003

War in Iraq – Justice Or More Suffering for the Assyrians?

The Assyrians of Iraq are among the world's persecuted Christians. But freedom for Iraq may not bring them justice.
January 10th, 2003

Bali Bombing - Laying the Blame
An archbishop blames Australia, for our support of America. Will he apologise?
November 13th, 2002

War, Just War and Christians

South Koreans welcome North Korea's nuclear bomb, the spirituality of military power, and other reflections.
November 1st, 2002

Just War, Christians and Iraq – Where Is the Justice in Not Attacking?

Haven't the people of Iraq suffered enough?
October 29th, 2002

Does God Still Speak to Soldiers?

In Old Testament times God spoke regularly to Israel’s military commanders, directing their battles and bringing about the defeat of their enemies. But what about today? Does God still take sides?

September 21st, 2002


Soldiers for God – Evangelising a Nation through the Military

General Pil-Sup Lee, formerly chairman of the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, not only believes that Christians can make a difference in the military. He is showing how it can be done. And more - he believes that through the military the entire nation can be evangelised.

September 17th, 2002


Onward Christian Soldiers (Part II)

Can a senior military officer truly follow Jesus and still be an efficient and effective soldier? An emphatic “yes” is the answer from Major General Tim Cross of the British Army

September 13th, 2002


Onward Christian Soldiers

God loves soldiers. Christians should, too.

September 9th, 2002


Attack on Iraq – Just War or Just Plain Wrong?

The Anglican Bishop to the Australian Defence Forces says it is time to rethink just war doctrines.

August 6th, 2002


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