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Coptic Martyr

The Coptic Martyr of Cairo

The latest international thriller from best-selling author Martin Roth

Four Americans in Egypt on an archaeological dig. In the blistering summer heat they are fighting amongst themselves. Then they unearth a body. It is an old priest who has been murdered.

The gruesome discovery sets in train a sequence of events that leads to a deadly Islamist attack on the ancient church where the Americans are working.

The leader of the expedition, Professor Rafa Harel, must decide whether to withdraw his fractious team or continue on a mission to unveil a controversial series of wall paintings, knowing that these images have the power to spark even greater violence.

Meanwhile, watching over all of them is a dreamy young Egyptian Christian named Amir. His only quest in life is to become a martyr...

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Christian Matchmaking Services – Aiming for True Christians

I’ve written a couple of times already about Christian matchmaking services. That is, about online services for Christians looking for love. It seems a huge business, and when I think about churches where I’ve worshipped, I guess I can understand why.

Apart from those under about the age of 25, opportunities for meeting singles are limited. The older you are the more difficult it appears, and it certainly doesn’t help to be a divorced woman.

But I’ve always wondered about these Christian matchmaking services. Just how “Christian” are they. Can anyone join? How do they know that you really are Christian, or, at the very least, “Christian” in your attitudes and behaviour.?

So I was interested to learn of a new Christian service, Dating, that claims to be based on discipleship and obedience to God’s word.

They’ve sent me a press release, that reads in part as follows. (I should state that I am not endorsing this company. All I know of them is from the website and press release.)

In the world of on-line Christian dating services, frankly, it’s hard to tell the difference between secular sites and Christian sites….

Dating is a unique Christian dating service based on discipleship and obedience to God’s word. The site offers a variety of Bible-based tools and features, along with the latest dating site communications technologies…

“Dating is based on 2 Timothy 3:16-17, which says, ‘All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work,’” said Michael Price, founder. “Millions of people are turning to the Internet to ‘find’ the right person. The word of God tells us how to ‘be’ the right person. When we truly ‘seek ye first the Kingdom of God,’ everything else – including the mate God may have for us – will be ‘added unto’ us.”

Price said many dating sites match people based on computer programs or the advice of secular psychologists. “God is the ultimate matchmaker (Matt. 19:6), not a ‘relationship expert’” he said. “Dating encourages people to seek Him, know His word, obey it and be led by His Spirit.”

Well, at the very least it seems that the company’s intentions are good. It remains to be seen whether they’ll be able to succeed in what appears to be the highly competitive business of providing Christian matchmaking services.

May 13th, 2006


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