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Coptic Martyr

The Coptic Martyr of Cairo

The latest international thriller from best-selling author Martin Roth

Four Americans in Egypt on an archaeological dig. In the blistering summer heat they are fighting amongst themselves. Then they unearth a body. It is an old priest who has been murdered.

The gruesome discovery sets in train a sequence of events that leads to a deadly Islamist attack on the ancient church where the Americans are working.

The leader of the expedition, Professor Rafa Harel, must decide whether to withdraw his fractious team or continue on a mission to unveil a controversial series of wall paintings, knowing that these images have the power to spark even greater violence.

Meanwhile, watching over all of them is a dreamy young Egyptian Christian named Amir. His only quest in life is to become a martyr...

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Christian Blogs

The Semi-Definitive List

On July 29th, 2002, the Christian Bloglist, which had been on my site for three months, moved to its new home at blogs4God. Cyber-archaeologists may one day wish to see the list, frozen as it existed on July 29th. Here it is. [WARNING - some of these links are no longer active; and some will now take you to sites with inappropriate content.]

Web developer Aaron Shafovaloff's Christian walk.

AKMA's Random Thoughts

Thoughts on the world from A.K.M. Adam, a professor of New Testament.

Blog from the pastor of Frankford Community Free Methodist Church in Ontario.

amber Bach

“My name is Duane Garner. I'm a part-time reader of theology books, a full-time sales manager, a husband and a father in St. Louis.”

Andrew Sullivan

Reigning king of the bloggers. Articulate, challenging commentary on faith, culture, politics, homosexuality and much more.

Anne Wilson

“Commentary on politics, art and life from the margins of the Red Zone…”


The personal blog of Catholic author Michael Dubruiel.


"Disputed writings - a Christian contrarian perspective on damn near everything."

Antioch Road

"News and commentary from a conservative Christian perspective."

barlow farms

Ruminations on theology, poetry, music, cinema and lots more.


"A free blog for an enslaved world."


"Thoughts on myself, books, music, theology, and whatever else that happens to come to mind," from confessional Presbyterian Brian Davis.

beautiful feet

The life and thoughts of Rick Capezza.


Aussie blog from a student administrator who plans to study theology.

Berek Qinah Smith

"Thought-provoking thoughts on various topics by a budding philosophaster."

Berlin Rocks

Kerstin Hack's Christian life in Berlin.

Beth's Blog

Beth Sargent's faith journal.

Catholic journalist Domenico Bettinelli Jr's blog.

Between Heaven and Hell

"Reports and observations from a Catholic attorney's perspective."

Biblical Babylon?

Catholic blog from "Proverbial Tim".

Bishop Bill

Sermons, commentary and Christian reflection from Bill DeJong.

Blessed Are the Hungry

"Toward an optimistic building of the kingdom through faith in the sovereign God."

Blithering Idiot

Virginia attorney William Sulik comments on Christianity and the world.

bloggedy blog

Author and youth minister Andrew Careaga--he wrote "E-vangelism: Sharing the Gospel in Cyberspace"--maintains this lively blog.
Book of Joshua

The faith journal of Pastor Joshua Sargent.

Boxing at Sunset

Jed the Fed's personal diary.

Brianna's Journal

"Petals on a wet, black bough."

Brothers Judd

Well-known conservative current events blog that sometimes touches on matters of faith.

Building Zion

"Anxiously engaged in the cause of building Zion through study, reflection, love and good works."

By Farther Steps

Theology and life from Timothy J. Etherington.
Capax Dei

"An experiment in re-deriving the answer to the question, "What must I do?" in light of an under-educated layman's understanding of Revelation, Augustine and Aquinas."

Care & Feeding

Thoughts about music in the Catholic church, from a choir director.

"Little tilts at modernity."

Catholic and Enjoying It

Author Mark Shea's lively blog: "So that no thought of mine, no matter how stupid, should ever go unpublished again!"

Catholic Blog for Lovers

"A celebration of beauty, truth and goodness, and, of course, love...and a little nastiness."
Catholic Light

Steve and John Schultz write about religion and daily life. "Not Catholic lite."

Cella's Review

"Politics, culture, the public square."

C'est La Vie

Patty Tracey's online diary.

Chasing Hats

Blog/magazine: "We base our sense of wonder on the principles of classic Christianity. We see this feeling of joy as God's special gift to man, a necessary part of our glorification of Him. Man's purpose on this world is to glorify and enjoy God. What better way to do so than to constantly dwell on Him and His gifts?"


"News for Jesus freaks. Eternal matters." Blog/newsgroup.

Christian Conscience

Catholic issues, from Thomas Joseph.

Christianity Today

The well-known magazine's well-known weblog, pointing readers to international media coverage of a wide range of Christian issues.

Chronicles of a Poet-Warrior

"Random jottings of a follower of the long-lost ideal of Christendom."


"Blog for Catholics and canon lawyers."


The thoughts of Telford Work, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Westmont College and editor of "Journal for Christian Theological Research".

Cogito Ergo Blog

Jay Horne's Christian reflections.

Come On, Get Lively

Web diary of novelist Kathryn Lively, who is also webmaster for the Catholic Writers Association.

Common Things

"I'm a Presbyterian with an active mind, who feels that cynicism and negativity are becoming almost as common in 'sophisticated' Christian circles as they are in the world at large."

Confessions of a Jesus Phreak

" the twilight zone."

Country Keepers

Gary Petersen writes about country living and Christianity.

Cranky Professor

Professor Michael Tinkler sounds off on art and life.

Creative Slips

Sarah's online journal.


"I'm a 24-year-old New Zealander who is still figuring out what it means to be a Christian."


"Faith-friendly, liberty-oriented news, commentary and information."

Cruciform Chronicle

"Chronicling the events, ideas, developments and news of the world through the lens of cruciformity, e.g. Christian commentary."
Culture Curve

"Commentary on culture and politics from a radically new Christian perspective," from David French, former lecturer at Cornell Law School.

crystal clear

Two students write about their walk with the Lord.

Cut on the Bias

"Keeping an eye on the spins and weirdness of media, crime and everyday life."

Daniel Silliman

"Blogging on philosophy, journalism, culture and politics with the flare of wit and brilliance."

David Hopkins 

"Faith, culture, media, art, life in general."

Deacon Paul

Comments on religion and life.

Dead Yet Living

"A personal look at the Christian life today."

deep dirt

Karen Ward shares ideas, resources and reflections on the emerging church.

Department of Theology

The Department of Theology at the University of Blogistan is a central posting board for various Christian bloggers.

Digital Notebook

Nicole Ann's online journal.

Dispatches from Outland

Roy Jacobsen presents his thoughts on the world and Christian living.


"Laudare...cenare...praedicare," from John DaFiesole.

DJ's Pensive Journal

"The spiritual journey of D.J. Chuang, an Asian-American male of Chinese heritage."


"Exploring theology, leadership, praxis and church life in the emerging church."
Emergent Downunder

"A meditation of culture, creativity, community and Christianity from the emergent edge downunder."

Emeth Hesed Smith

"Personal reflections of a Tokyoite English teacher, Postmil, Paedobaptist,
Paedocommie, Partial Preterist.
Enemy of the Church?

"Life in the Catholic Church from one gay man's perspective."

Enter the Light

Tyler Black's walk with the Lord.


Lots of reflections and links.

Esler Fried

"A global Christian blog," from Ted Esler.

“Conservatism reborn in twisted sisterhood.” Plus lots of observations of the Christian blogging scene.

exaequo et bono

"Truth, beauty, goodness and all the other stuff," from Joel Wilhelm.

Eye Level

"I just want to be open and honest with people about my personal quest for hope, understanding, truth and of course a greater relationship with Jesus."


"The more I learn and experience, the more I realise I have more to learn and experience."

Fly Over Country

"A little dash of prairie wisdom, a little pinch of politics and a whole lot of blowhard nonsense."

Food for Thought

"Musings, ponderings, ruminations from the men @ Vineyard Church, Fort Myers, Florida."

Fool's Folly

Emily Stimpson's popular Catholic blog.

Forgiving Adam

Chronicle of Amy H's spiritual journey.

Fotos Del Apocalipsis

Spanish-language Catholic blog from Argentina.

Fragments from Floyd (Va)

"Rural aphorisms, rants, images and links with Christian overtones."

From the Anchor Hold

"Living simple, single and submitted, in a real city, in a real world."

From the Middle of the Storm

Boston priest Father Bob Carr's blog.

G.K. Chesterton's Blog

"What if G.K. Chesterton had a blog? These quotes from his many works lack the pungent relevance they once had when Chesterton engaged the world he knew with great wit and wisdom; but perhaps this is the next best thing."

Gideon Strauss

"Neo-Calvinist un-apologetics and zeitgeist surfing."

Glen & Paula Davis

"Chi Alpha missionaries to Stanford: Today they learn, tomorrow they lead."

Goliard Blog

"Your destination for deep thoughts and alleged insights." Catholic blog by Georgia attorney Kevin James.

Grace Awakening

"Transitioning into a new era."

Graceless Grace

"A forum for just about anything."

Greatest Jeneration

Jennie Taliaferro's online diary.

Gregorian Rant

"Catholic guy rants and raves about anything and everything. Sometimes offers reasonable explanations and solutions."

Heal Your Church Website

"Teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteous web design."

He Lives

"Musings of a Reformed slant from a Calvinistic nuclear physicist."

Hogue Heaven

Joseph Hogue's thoughts on life.


Blog by students at Virginia Tech.

Holy Weblog

Joyce Garcia runs one of the original and still one of the best Christian weblogs. Essential for keeping up with the Christian internet.


Homeschooling from a Christian perspective.


Musings on football, religion and the world.

how now, brownpau?

Faith journal of Paulo Ordoveza from the Philippines.

Howler's Update

Wolfgang Fernandez reports from around the world on the emerging church.


Matthew Hoy, a newspaper page designer, comments on the news.

hyper thinking

"An anonymous blog by a Christian wife and mother - with a bouncing brain."

I Am Frequently Asked Questions

"I teach high school math. I've also been known to eat and sleep."

Ian's Messy Desk

Thoughts on religion and life from Canadian Ian McKenzie.

Ideas, etc

"Consistent mediocrity punctuated by occasional insight," from Ohio State Senate aide Kevin Holtsberry.


"Tech, Grace, Art, Proverbs"


"Hagia Sophia of the Holy Fathers of the Church, reflections on religion and society, quotations from Scripture...good old-fashioned philosophy, just like Mama used to make."

Ill Wind

A retail store manager comments on the news.

Imago Dei Ministries

Faith journal of Wade Hodges.

In a Mirror, Dimly

"When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known."

In Between Naps

Amy Welborn's respected Catholic blog.

Innocent Smith

Toby Drake's online journal.


An examination of Pope John Paul II's Apostolic Exhortation "Christifideles Laici".


Sean Meade is a pastor in the Evangelical Covenant Church. He comments on web life, pop culture, current events and more.

In the Light

"Christian resources and comradeship."

In the Shadowlands

Online faith journal of Kristen Knox.

I Think I Need a Stiff Drink

"Ramblings of a confessional Lutheran with an extremely pessimistic and humorous bent."

It's a Mystery

"Faith, fantasy and fact. Religion, politics and culture....The latest news from a loud-mouthed schnook still Catholic after all these years."


Jason Garrett writes about his life.


Jonathan Webster, a graduate student in mathematics, writes about life.

Jenn's Blog

Jennifer Horne's life.

Jenn's Musings

Jenn's online diary.


Reflections from Jim Hart.

Young Canadian pastor writes about church planting, the emerging church and life.

Joshua Clark, blogger

"Josh is a budding web designer, a budding writer, a budding scholar and a budding theologian. Sometimes all this budding makes him feel like a flower."

Joshua Claybourn

"Reason and resolve."

The Journey

"My observations along the way."

Journey Inside My Mind

Dan Johnson's daily life.

Journeys with Tim

Personal reflections of a Christian student studying philosophy.

Joyful Christian

“My own personal musings, wonderings, thoughts, and results of personal studies. Also, occasional comments on world events.” 2.0

"Hey, a website for Junior High youth workers. What a concept!"

JunkYard Blog

Bryan Preston’s feisty comments on Christianity and society.

Just Your Average Catholic Guy

"The deepest spring of man's spiritual development is found in the evangelical commandment of love - Pope John Paul II."


Catholic reflections.


Aussie blog from a Canadian Asian.


Online journal of John Barach, a Canadian reformed church pastor.

Encouraging articles and thoughts from the pastor of First Baptist Church of Fremont, Michigan.

"I'm the pastor of Jonesville Baptist Church, Jonesville, Mi. and I post sermons and articles and thoughts geared toward the family, the church, the pastor, web development and technology."

A Kingdom Space

Fascinating emerging church newsletter co-authored by church leaders around the world.

knees knelt

Joseph Montgomery comments on religion and life.

Krazy Celtic's Hideout

Josh McInnis's online diary.


"A longing to look into the things of the Lord."


Dawn's reflections on life.

Letters to God

Dan Johnson's faith journal.

Life on Wheels

"Ramblings of a Paraplegic..."

LilacRose Blog

"Wandering thoughts from my narrow mind."

Little Geneva

"Reformed Presbyterian Confederate."


Daniel Stoddart writes about his life.

Lone Xylophone

"Poems in progress, random thoughts, collisions with grace, interludes into the zany and ludicrous," with Laurel Garver.

Looking Back...Looking Forward

"The musings of an enabling minister in a time of transition." From a United Church of Canada minister.

Louder Fenn

Author and database programmer Louder Fenn writes about life and his Catholic faith.

Mallon's Media Watch

"A Catholic blog site featuring news analysis, response to and commentary on misinformed media reports on the Catholic Church."

Mark Byron

“Commentary on politics, economics, theology, sports and other things that pull my chatty-ring.”

“News, comment, analysis and fun from the Christian counter-culture.”

McGyver5's Radio Weblog

"McGyver saves the Catholic Church."


"Reflections of a child of grace," from a Lutheran seminary student.

Mere Comments

Touchstone magazine's editors comment on news and events of the day.

Mere Madness

Personal diary from the Philippines, with lots on music.

Michael Paul

The thoughts of Michael Delgado.

Midwest Conservative Journal

Christopher Johnson's popular blog on politics, world affairs and faith.

Minute Particulars

Lots of reflections on life and religion.

Missionfield Molly

"Missionfield Molly's many musings."

Mute Troubadour

"Antiphons of a street monk."

My Brain Hurts

Russ writes about his life.

My Pens Are Missing

Diary from the author of the Biblical Babylon? blog.

Mystique et Politique

"A record of occasional thoughts on religion and the Catholic faith, the political scene, especially the lamentable state of Canadian conservatism, and whatever else strikes my fancy."

My View of the River

"Birth, babies, faith and family. Thoughts from a Catholic mom, wife, daughter, sister."

Narrow-Minded Simpleton

"Whatever is true, honourable, right, pure, lovely, excellent and worthy of praise; think on these things."

Natalie Solent

"Politics, news, libertarianism, science fiction, religion, sewing. You got a problem, bud? I like sewing." Popular British blog.

A New Creation

Dani Treweek's Aussie blog on her life and reflections.


Blog from a board-game geek.

Ninepence, He Wrote

"Musings on life, the universe, and everything. Don't ask where the title comes from."

Noli Irritare Leones

Quaker blog "about life, the internet and everything".

Nota Bene

"Humble (oh really...?) opinions on matters of faith." Catholic blog.

Notes from a Hillside Farm

"Sporadic thoughts from a part-time farmer." Orthodox Christian blog.


"Ruminations of an Oklahoma pastor."

Old Oligarch’s Painted Stoa

"I am a systematic theologian by day (and night) who gives vent to his more casual animadversions by Blog....I write pseudonymously because I do not yet have tenure, "liberal tolerance" being what it is! (Ruthlessly doctrinaire, but with such a warm smile.)"

On the Web

"Oliver Tseng's thoughts on faith, technology, health, politics, economics and life."

One Hairy Man

Lots of reflections on life.

Ono's Thoughts

"Life is a confluence of contradictions, not to be resolved, but embraced."


"A collection of thoughts, views, observations and opinions from members of Sydney's Toongabbie Anglican Church."


"Adventures in orthodoxy." Catholic blog.


"A weblog of American Orthodoxy."

Pat Mulcahy’s Home Page

"Here you'll find my reflections on life, especially my spiritual life, but also opinions on current news, especially religion news and boxing news (yeah, how different could that be?). You'll also find links to things I find interesting or even important. So that's what's here; enjoy looking around!"

Paul's Pages

Paul Duggan's online journal.

Pax Vobiscum

Blog of George van Popta, pastor of Ancaster Canadian Reformed Church.

Pensate Omnia

"Language and literature; ideas in religion, faith, science, politics, history, art and poetry; whatever I find edifying or fun: these things I hope to write about and explore by posting thoughts, papers, links, etc."
Praying the Post

"Reading the newspaper [the Washington Post] with a cup of coffee in one hand and a rosary in the other."

Preaching Now

Comment and stories for preachers.


Presbyterian pastor Mark Horne's writings on religion and life.

Princess Fluffy's Journal

"Bringing warm fluff to a hard, cold world."

Prinsiana City

"The journey of a non-Catholic Christian who is married to a Catholic, told with equal parts sarcasm and earnestness. (Okay, maybe more like 70/30.)"

Faith journal of Frank Johnson, an internet strategist, avid sports fan and former pastor.

Prophecy News

"The unfolding of Bible prophecy in current events."

Quantum Tea: The Daily Brew

"Opinionated British blogger, currently living in the US. Random thoughts, programming and web design, humour, Christianity, tea, quantum mechanics."


Dan Johnson's favourite quotes.

Quotidian Quotes

"Daily quotes with random relevance."

Rabbi Saul

Blog from Tim Gallant, an itinerant Reformed Church pastor.


Orthodox blog.

Random Trout

Reformed Church blog.


Balanced commentary on religion from an Aussie rationalist.


"Cutting-edge Christianity....RazorMouth features a wide assortment of original writers addressing issues of theology, Christian living, politics, parenting, culture and the arts, society, eschatology. Largely coming from the Reformed and Presbyterian traditions and believing that God's Word speaks to all of life, RazorMouth authors strive daily (or nearly so) to apply the faith to every nook and cranny of creation."

Real Questions and Answers

"Questions, discoveries, comments, etc. about the really important issues. I don't know how many answers I'll find along the way, but it'll never stop me from looking."

Redwood Dragon

"Kill them all. Blog will know its own."

Relapsed Catholic

"Where the religious rubber meets the pop culture road." Kathy Shaidle's pioneer Christian blog continues to offer an amazing breadth of coverage.

Religion of Sanity

"A catholic blog site...reflecting 'the living memory' of the Catholic in the Catholic moment."

Robert's Life

Robert's online journal.

Sacra Doctrina

Blog of Professor Joel Garver of La Salle University.


"A pilgrim's progress - analogue musings on spirituality, religion and culture."

Saint Paul

Reformed commentary from Paul Nanson.


Jen's online journal.

Soul Glow Dot Net

Faith journal of "Betty Homemaker".

Spera in Deo

Faith journal of seminary student Nathan Hart.


Sarah Garner's online journal.


"Ruminations on what my eyes take in."

Stranger in a Strange Land

"My pilgrim journey, cultural observations and occasional theological musings," from a Christian worker in Bosnia.

Sub Tuum Praesidium

"A journey of faith, family, history, politics, culture and sports."

Summa Contra Mundum

"The world as it is and as it should be, according to an over-educated, under-employed philosophy Ph.D."

Sunny Days in Heaven

"Spiritual/political/philosophical blog on the nature of truth and falsehood and heaven."

Sursum Corda

“Topical musings from a Catholic perspective.”

Tall Skinny Kiwi

"Tracking God in the global emerging culture." Reflections on Christianity and the emerging church in a post-modern world.

"This blog is part of, a range of tools for building Christian community on the net. The webweaver is Richard Hall, a Methodist minister based in South Wales, UK. He can't decide why he does it. Feel free to join in. Or not."

Thinking Out Loud

Generally presents thoughts, speculations and questions about worship and theology.

This Christian Life

"A Christian all my life, I explore what this means every day. Maybe you
share my questions and thoughts: make a comment on what's been posted
and help me understand more clearly what it means to live a Christian life."

Thought Crime

"Content will relate to my interests, including computers, web design, art, aviation and Christianity."

Thoughts of Halstrom

"Just my thoughts on religion and the politics of the day."

Threshing Floor

"An attempt to separate wheat from chaff."

Tim Drake

"Streams of consciousness," from a National Catholic Register editor.

Tim Morgan

Online journal. Thoughts about life, God and Christianity.


Mainly in Dutch.

Tolle, Blogge

"Miscellaneous thoughts from Russ Reeves, Reformed Christian, father and husband, and professor of history."

Tracy's personal diary.

Trommetter Times

"A Christian journal of politics, religion and opinion."


"Hope in dying wrought from dust."

Tuttle on Wright

A discussion blog about "Jesus and the Victory of God" by N.T. Wright.

Upward Way Press

"A weblog by Randy McRoberts."

Urban Onramps

“Content and networking for urban-minded Christians around the world.”

Veni Sancte Spiritus

"My mission is to present a more balanced and nuanced approach to Catholicism than what one might encounter throughout the internet. In my experience the internet is a hotbed of conservative dissent within the Catholic Church. I am attempting to offer a hopeful oasis to those struggling in the desert in need of water."


Chris Burgwald is studying dogmatic theology at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. His blog is devoted to “the usually serious but occasionally frivolous search for truth in things theological, philosophical, political, historical, etc. etc.”

Orthodox Christian exploring the meaning of spirituality and theology. Lots of references to the early Church Fathers.

Wayne's Corner
"I am 32, single, customer service supervisor, Reformed Presbyterian, Protestant, Paedobaptist, Paedcocommunionist, Partial-Preterist, Postmillennial, Presuppositional, Liturgical and Devotional. And of course, I am a big Pittsburgh Steeler, Pirate, and Penguin fan."

Blog ministry of a Cincinnati Christian Academy teacher and summercamp director.

Wendy Cooper Weblog

Life of a Guyanese-born Canadian pastor's wife.

What Is Church?

Chiefly meditations on Christian living.  Emphasis on knowing God more personally.

Widening Gyre

Joseph A.P. De Feo's blog.

Woodard Family Weblog

"Miscellaneous writings and thoughts."

W6 Daily

Libertarian blogging about world events. References himself as a Christian and mentions how his Christianity is reflected in his politics.  


"Thoughts in humility and service."


Lutheran faith journal.


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